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Terms and Conditions

  1. You will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit. No appointments are final without a paid deposit. For most tattoos, this will be $100. For large tattoos where a very long session or multiple appointments are required, this will be 30% of the price. This ensures that Alli is paid for the drawing time and will be deducted from the price of your finished tattoo.
  2. Larger scale or session work has a required 4-8 hour commitment for sitting time.
  3. Large work done at conventions MUST be completed over the 3-day convention period. Make sure your schedule allows for this time before booking large-scale work at a convention.
  4. It is important to never rush a tattoo. Please make sure that your calendar is cleared around your appointment time and you will be able to stay for the duration of the estimated tattooing time. Your deposit is subject to loss if you cancel, do not show up, or are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment.
  5. Please be fully aware before booking your appointment that you have fully reviewed Alli Baker’s portfolio and understand the quality of work that you will receive. Alli works in her own style, and strives to create the most aesthetically pleasing tattoos for all of her clients.
  6. All artwork will be completed on the day of the tattoo session. To avoid artistic plagiarism, no artwork will be viewable before your scheduled appointment; no photos are to be taken of the artwork before the appointment; and no artwork from her portfolio or sketchbook may be photographed or sent to another artist.
  7. Although Alli is happy to make small adjustments to the artwork, your deposit is subject to loss if you have major last-minute changes to the design.
  8. All applications submitted are subject to artist consideration and are not a guarantee of service. All submissions and dates/times for appointments are null/void until deposit is received.
  9. Alli does not have an hourly rate. The price quote will vary significantly per the tattoo requested. Knowing your budget is important when determining the values provided to the individual piece. Price is determined based on usage/level of color spectrum, size, location on the body, level of detail, and estimated session length.
  10. Your deposit is subject to loss if you are inappropriate towards Alli Baker or any of her staff members.
  11. Please have your Photo ID and payment ready when you arrive at the appointment.

You must accept the terms and conditions before submitting your appointment application. No exceptions.

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